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What to expect from a CRM ?

Latest customers information is missing, limits strategic choices
Zoho CRM deployment for small business
Centralized and updated customer information
Lack of visibility on business opportunities slows growth
Zoho crm deployment experts
Opportunities traceability and reporting
Core processes rely on people including on low value tasks
zoho crm deployment consultants
Focus on high value tasks to boost motivation
Company data is stored locally & exposed to data loss
Backup and data access management

4 Key benefits to deploying Zoho CRM


Share access to customers’ latest data across all departments

Consistent interactions tracking and effective pipeline monitoring

Automation of low value tasks, prefilled data and smart reminders

Central database that can connect to 3rd parties and evolve with your neds
You want your sales and service reps focused on engaging customers, not remembering where to track down certain data or what to do next with each customer? Zoho CRM can do that for them.
Wondering how to choose your CRM? Here is our “choosing my CRM” article to help you out.

Successful projects managed by an expert team

Our expertise in Zoho CRM deployments

Expert level in Zoho CRM and Zoho Solutions deployments
Access to extensive resources and cross knowledge
Broad Industry Knowledge
Ability to include in the project and train teams
Zoho CRM deployment for small business

Our five steps framework to success



Identifying project objectives and deliverables for a comprehensive offer.



Refining and finalizing the project strategy post-agreement.



Efficient and expert execution of the project’s strategic plan.



Conducting thorough testing to ensure top-quality project outcomes.



Providing training and smooth project handover to your team.
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Why Choose Colean for Your Zoho CRM Deployment for Small Business

A project platform to share data
At Colean, we recognize the importance of a strong start for sustained success. Our approach to Zoho CRM implementation for small business tackles critical issues right from the onset, ensuring your team sees immediate benefits and strong engagement with our tailored CRM solutions. We actively refine your system, incorporating detailed feedback to ensure perfect alignment with your specific business needs. Our customized training programs are developed to empower users at every level, ensuring your entire team can effectively leverage the CRM. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always available via call, chat, or email to address any questions. Opt for Colean for your Zoho CRM deployment and discover a CRM solution engineered for the unique challenges and opportunities of your business, where your success is our priority.
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Experience a CRM platform that’s not just a tool, but a transformational business partner. Discover how our bespoke CRM solutions can streamline your operations, enhance your customer interactions, and drive unprecedented growth.

CEO & IT Architect

Zoho CRM architecture expertise: 10Y
Mechanical engineer with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship. 15 years in sales automation and a founder of Colean.
Patrick FAUST

CTO & Developper

Zoho CRM coding expertise: 5Y
Former math teacher turned tech expert with 20+ years in coding, specializing in Zoho CRM and SEO.

Project Manager

Zoho CRM projects expertise: 2Y
Architect with expertise in project management and content visualization, ensuring successful CRM realizations.

Organizations we have helped solve their business challenges

Paul’s Team has turned our Zoho CRM into an efficient system. With minimal room for errors, our time spent on administrative tasks has dropped by 50%
Jane Bell | Administration Manager at Enventive
“At Certification QSE, we offer a wide range of consulting services.
Colean has helped us streamline our daily operations making us much faster at responding to inquiries.”  
François Sapé | CEO at Certification QSE
“Colean has helped us build our data structure around Zoho CRM.
Since then we had no data issue. We are 100% focused on sales knowing our system will scale with us.
Andrej Jansa | Director at X2SOL
“Colean has helped us increase customer satisfaction with their travel experience and better manage leads from our website thanks to Zoho CRM workflows.”
Tina Batistuta | Director at Mooie Besede

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