Zoho CRM Consulting Packages

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Want a consulting team that understands your processes, overcomes technical limitations and supports you in the long run?
We craft the custom system you need to unleash your team’s potential.

Organizations we have helped solve their business challenges

Paul’s Team has turned our Zoho CRM into an efficient system. With minimal room for errors, our time spent on administrative tasks has dropped by 50%
Jane Bell | Administration Manager at Enventive
“At Certification QSE, we offer a wide range of consulting services.
Colean has helped us streamline our daily operations making us much faster at responding to inquiries.”  
François Sapé | CEO at Certification QSE
“Colean has helped us build our data structure around Zoho CRM.
Since then we had no data issue. We are 100% focused on sales knowing our system will scale with us.
Andrej Jansa | Director at X2SOL
“Colean has helped us increase customer satisfaction with their travel experience and better manage leads from our website thanks to Zoho CRM workflows.”
Tina Batistuta | Director at Mooie Besede

Our Zoho CRM services

We enhance your business efficiency and performance with expert Zoho CRM consulting.

Customization and Configuration
Adjusting workflows, fields, and modules to meet your specific needs.
Benefit of customizing your CRM for unique and effective business processes.
Data Management
Dispersed customer data leads to inefficiencies and missed insights. Integrate your data with a CRM to ensure seamless access, improve customer experience, and drive business growth.
Inefficient Sales Productivity
Inefficient sales productivity costs your business. A CRM enhances efficiency by organizing leads, automating follow-ups, and providing valuable insights to help your sales team achieve better results.
Inconsistent Customer Service
Inconsistent customer service damages your reputation. A CRM system ensures uniformity by tracking interactions, automating responses, and providing comprehensive customer insights for improved service quality.
Difficult Sales Scaling
Scaling sales is challenging without the right tools. A CRM helps automate processes, manage leads, and provide insights, enabling your business to scale efficiently and effectively.
Isolated CRM System
Disconnected CRM systems limit effectiveness. Integrate your CRM with key business applications to unify data, boost collaboration, and drive better decision-making.

Choose your CRM consulting package

Purchase a 10, 20, 50 or more support hours and use them as needed within 6 months:

10 hours of consulting
Solving small problems such as:
Add/remove fields
Customize users, roles, rules
Create reports and dashboards
Answer any technical questions
Custom visual for one module
Create up to 3 simple workflows
Configure Sales process stages
20 hours of consulting
Solving advanced problems such as:
New CRM module deployment
Complex end to end workflows
Connect lead sources to CRM
Integrate with 3rd party tools
Simple Zoho Apps connections
50 hours of consulting
Solving complex problems such as:
Deploy Zoho Books, Desks,… and integrate with Zoho CRM
Advanced automations with function and script coding
Advanced flow architecture: Command center, Blueprint, Kiosk,…
Custom project
We deploy your new CRM and make it a success
In this multi-month project, we work with your teams on:
deploying Zoho CRM and the other solutions you need
connecting them with your existing data structure for seamless operations

No CRM yet? No worries, check our CRM deployment offer.

Which CRM consulting package suits you best?
We share our prices and associated actions as a guidance and to ease packages renewals.
If you are new to our CRM consulting packages, we recommend an introductory call. An opportunity to share with us your needs and identify together the package that best suits your immediate needs.

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