WordPress Website Maintenance

Struggling to keep your WordPress website secure and running smoothly?
Rely on our 20+ years experience in WordPress backend development and SEO optimization for your new website design.
Websites frequently face threats from hackers exploiting vulnerabilities. To prevent breaches, it’s essential to conduct regular security audits, monitor actively for threats, and implement robust malware protection. This proactive approach ensures your website remains secure.
Security Vulnerabilities
Performance Issues
Frequent Updates and Compatibility
Data Backup and Recovery

Deployment, Optimization and Maintenance of Zoho CRM and Zoho Suites

Feeling the pain of no CRM or falling short getting value out of it?

Leverage our 15+ years journey in using, configuring and optimizing Zoho CRM. We have felt the pain of using a CRM that isn’t well configured. We have seen manual and inefficient processes weighing on teams motivation.

We created Colean to empower small and mid-size companies with CRM automations that works and can make you scale. We work by your side to make sure your team get the best out of your investment and grow its interest in it. This is where global company efficiency lies.

Close deals and get money faster with Zoho CRM

Focus on value and leave tedious tasks for automations

Implement easily to new processes as your needs evolve

More team work with shared and efficient process

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